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"The King Of Bling": Theo Fennell Jewellery at Auction

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10th July 2024

Auctioning Theo Fennell Jewellery

Theo Fennell: A brief history

When you think of Great British modern jewellery design, one of the first names that comes to mind is Theo Fennell. Born in Egypt to an army family in 1951, Fennell was raised and educated in Britain. After studying art at college, Fennell acquired the position of apprentice and designer at Edward Barnard, a long-established silversmith in Hatton Garden. At the age of 31, he formed his first jewellery business. It was in 1982, when he opened his first Theo Fennell shop in Chelsea.

How can you tell its Theo Fennell?

Recently dubbed “the King of Bling”, Fennell’s work is instantly recognisable with its wonderful designs and excellent craftsmanship. From designing a charm bracelet featuring a miniature pot of Sudocreme out of silver, as a gift for the Royal Family, to his recent fantastical works including his collection of opening rings, which feature intricate enamel designs, rich gemstones and hidden compartments.  All of Theo Fennell’s work will have some form of makers mark, which is distinguishable as a small “TF” stamped or engraved into the metal’s surface.

Theo Fennell Jewellery: How does it fair under the hammer?

At auction, Theo Fennell jewellery is considered a collector’s piece, as often some are bespoke designs or no longer in production. We have had the pleasure of selling some of Theo Fennell’s work, often attracting considerable interest from private buyers, who are often looking to expand their collection of Theo Fennell.

Recent Theo Fennell Auction Highlights

This green beryl and diamond set cradle ring is a fantastic example of the expert craftsmanship at Theo Fennell’s workshop. The central pastel coloured beryl is surrounded by an entirely diamond set mount and shank, which complements the stone and creates a truly eye-catching piece. Included in our May 2024 auction, this ring had considerable interest and after an energetic bidding war between our online and telephone bidders, sold for £3,000 (+buyer’s premium).

An example of his quirkier pieces, this impressive ruby encrusted “devil” heart pendant sold for £2,700 (+buyer’s premium) along with similarly designed charm bracelet, which sold for £2,600 (+buyer’s premium).

Theo Fennell Valuations

If you have a piece of Theo Fennell jewellery that you wish to have valued, please contact a member of our team who will be delighted to assist. Our experts are here to provide you with a professional auction valuation to ensure you get the best possible price for your Theo Fennell items.

Please contact us at 0208 468 1010 or request an online valuation.