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Asian Art



The market for Chinese porcelain remains strong and some exceptional prices are being paid for very niche and academic pieces. These pieces are mainly from the Kangxi period (1662-1722) and then back into the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). Within the field of Chinese works of art we auction a large range of objects, such as bronze censers, vases and figures, wood and jade figures, gilt bronze deities, bamboo brush pots, table cabinets, boxes, and screens in cloisonne, lacquer and cinnabar lacquer. One of our highlights to date is a Ming period carved wood figure of Guan Yin, which realised £16,000 (plus premium).

The market for Japanese ceramics and works of art is equally strong. Satsuma ware, as we know it today, began circa 1860, its popularity boosted by the Paris Exposition in 1867. Fine quality pieces made before the 1880s are most sought after. Netsukes are unique to Japan, a netsuke being a carved toggle to fasten a small box to the sash of a kimono. Fine and signed examples are collected and now that ivory examples cannot be sold, the wood examples are increasing in value.

A signed netsuke of a carved wood monkey recently sold for £4800 (plus premium). Fine examples examples of cloisonne work are also in high demand. Woodblock prints are another widely collectable especially those signed by Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) and Kuniyoshi Kaneko (1936-2015).

Southeast Asian, Colonial, Islamic and Indian works of art are all areas we have experience of selling, and we have achieved good results in these areas. Our bestselling lot so far was a rare set of twenty 19th century Indian portrait miniatures which realised £16,000 (plus premium).

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